Four Repairs That Any Homeowner With A Crawl Space Should Consider Doing For Their Home


Crawl spaces are often used for the foundation of homes with raised floor systems.  There can be many problems homeowners face with a crawl space. The foundation of your home can harbor animals, fungus and be the source of mold and mildew. For this reason, you should have some improvements done if you have an older home with a crawl space foundation. Here are some improvements that you can have done to the foundation of your home:

1. Improving Layout Of Mechanical Systems Located In Your Crawl Space

The mechanical systems in your crawl space can be the source of many problems. The furnace and ductwork in your home may be located here. If you have these systems in the crawl space. You may want to consider improvements to the ductwork like locating it in the flooring and installing durable insulation on them. You may also want to have things like furnaces located in different areas, or have a small room made to house them and keep them clean.

2. Installing Floor Insulation And Sealing Off The Flooring Of Your Home

Many crawl spaces are not sealed or may even be lacking insulation. If your home has these problems, you may want to consider improving insulation in the floor and installing a moisture barrier. This will help to improve the insulation of your home, as well as prevent moisture from coming through the floor. It will also help to keep the crawl space clean and prevent problems with animals.

3. Adding A Moisture Barrier To The Foundation Walls In The Crawl Space

With a basement, the foundation walls have a waterproofing system. There is no reason why you should not have this done in a crawl space. If you have a plain block foundation, you can also have a moisture barrier or waterproofing system installed here. This will prevent water from getting in and causing problems with mold and mildew in the crawl space of your home.

4. Use Concrete Or Gravel To Finish The Dirt Floor In A Crawl Space

Concrete and gravel can be a great way to give your crawl space a floor. This will help with things like dust and contamination in your home, and prevent erosion. If there are areas where this cannot be done, you can also have a plastic or rubber material installed to seal the crawl space and keep the dirt and contamination out of your home.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to have done in the crawl space of your home. If your home needs some of these things done, contact a waterproofing contractor and ask them about improving the foundation of your home.


5 June 2015

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