The 4 Types Of Smoke Damage Caused From A House Fire


If you have ever experienced a house fire, you are very aware of the extent of the damage the smoke can cause. It can get between your walls, permeate your carpeting, and discolor anything in your home that is made of plastic. You may not have realized that there are four kinds of smoke damage based on how a fire starts within your home. Each kind of smoke will affect your home in different ways as well, being easy or difficult to clean. By understanding the different types of damage, you can be prepared for the restoration process.

Wet Smoke Damage

When smoke is caused by a fire that burns slowly in a low temperature setting, it creates wet smoke. The smoke will create a sticky and thick residue that will easily build up on the surfaces in your home. It can cause a lot of damage, and leave behind a heavy odor.

Of all the different forms of smoke damage, this type is very hard to clean. It may result in you needing to throw away personal belongings, and have major restoration work done to remove the smoke smell from the home's structure.

Dry Smoke Damage

If a fire gets extremely hot, it will create dry smoke that will spread throughout your home. This type of smoke will have a consistency that is powder-like, and is easy to clean in comparison to wet smoke damage.

Cleaning dry smoke off solid surfaces is easy to do, but dry smoke will be difficult to clean from porous surfaces and cracks. If the smoke gets trapped in a hard to reach spot, you may not be able to remove the musky odor.

Protein Smoke Damage

This kind of smoke damage is common when you burn food while cooking in the kitchen. The soot it leaves behind is difficult to see, but you can feel it. It can discolor the wood surfaces in your home if left alone, and cause an overwhelming odor.

Petroleum Smoke Damage

Petroleum smoke is caused from burning oil, typically in a heating system. The smoke is very dark, and will easily discolor any surface it comes in contact with. Since the smoke is oil-based, it can be cleaned using degreasers.

When you have smoke damage in your home, it's important to seek professional help to clean it. A fire damage restoration company, like CTR Cleanup & Total Restoration, has the experience cleaning all kinds of smoke damage, and will know the best course of action needed to restore your home to how it once was.


16 June 2015

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