Tips For Caring For Your Commercial Refrigerators


If you don't take the time to maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment, you're likely to find yourself with inefficient and unreliable refrigeration. In any food service industry, that can be both costly and dangerous. If you want to be sure that your refrigeration system is as clean and well-maintained as it can be, there are a few things you can do. Here are some steps that you should require of your staff to keep your refrigeration system working at its best.

Every Few Weeks

Every few weeks, clean the condensing coil and evaporator. Don't use a chemical-based cleaner, though, because they can corrode the material. Create a solution of water and a degreaser that's roughly three parts water to one part degreaser. For example, a quarter-cup of degreaser in three-quarters of a cup of water.

Clean the whole area using a soft brush and the cleaning solution. This will prevent damage to the coil while you're cleaning. Once you're done, spray the surface with clean, fresh water to get rid of any degreaser residue. When cleaning, scrub in the direction of the coils so you don't create any scratches or damage by scrubbing side-to-side.

Once the coils and evaporator are clean, pull the cover off the fan and wipe down the fan blades with the same cleaner. Rinse them with fresh water and replace the fan cover.

A Few Times a Year

A couple of times each year, have a technician come out and inspect your refrigerators, walk-in coolers and all of the refrigeration components. Use the interval of your routine inspections to remember when you need to lubricate the cooler door hinges.

Keeping those hinges lubricated is important, because it ensures proper hinge travel when you open and close the door. Air loss from a door that isn't sealing correctly can be expensive, so it's important to keep them lubricated and make sure that your doors are closing properly.

This is also a good time to inspect the suction lines between the condenser and the coil. The lines should be insulated and show no signs of outward damage. Any damage on the lines can lead to condensation in the lines, which could cause the refrigeration system to fail.

With these steps and the support of a refrigeration technician, you can keep your commercial refrigerators and walk-in coolers working at their best all the time. If you have any questions about caring for your refrigeration systems, talk with a technician with a Sub Zero refrigerator service company for guidance.


16 June 2015

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