Tips And Tricks For Repairing And Restoring Furniture For Summer


Summer has arrived, and with it comes expanded opportunities to spruce up your home's furniture. But there is so much work involved in fixing furniture – and you may be tempted to give up before you've even started. If you're looking for some direction to make tackling your furniture restoration projects just a little bit easier, then here's what you need to know.

Give old furniture a lighter air

Heavy, dark colors on wooden furniture look fantastic and stately in the winter, but can bog down your decor once the sun comes back. Stripping and re-painting these pieces can give a lighter feeling to your entire home. Using a heat gun will make this project ten times easier -- just follow the path of the heat gun with a scraper and the paint will slide right off. Once that's done, it's time to go shopping for a bright summery color to paint with -- a few that are especially hot this season are scuba blue, tangerine, and treetop green -- and you'll have a summer focal piece worth sweating over.

Cool down the couch cushions

Couch coverings that were cozy in the winter can get downright sweltering in the summer – especially when there's nothing you'd like more than to get out of the heat and take a breather. Re-covering your couch cushions with fabrics that will serve to wick away sweat and keep you cool will help you get the relaxation you need without feeling smothered. Try natural fiber cotton or rayon for a look that won't have you reaching for the fan. 

Prioritize patio furniture

Because it stays outside all summer long (and possibly throughout the year), patio furniture tends to get bleached by the sun. Repairing it will make your entire yard look better, giving the appearance of a lot of work with a few hours of toil.

If the furniture is plastic, replacing it will probably be your best bet – plastic becomes unstable and worn in direct sunlight, weakening it and potentially causing injuries. For wooden furniture, a quick re-sanding with medium-grit sandpaper will give you a prime canvas to work with. After that, be sure to paint a coat of primer on the furniture, then follow up the next day with a coat (or two) of high-quality wood stain. For the cost of a little bit of stain, your patio furniture will look as good as new.

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17 June 2015

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