Vinyl Siding Myths And Misconceptions Dispelled


When compared to other siding options, such as brick or wood, vinyl is known as the more affordable option. Because of its low cost, it often gets a bad rap. However, most of the information about vinyl siding simply isn't true. If you're looking for an affordable yet durable home siding option, vinyl can meet your needs. Here are just some of the myths about vinyl siding dispelled.   

Options Are Limited

There's a misconception that there aren't many options available with vinyl siding, when it comes to style. Although the more common and traditional look is the horizontal clapboard pattern, this isn't the only option. Vinyl is also available in a variety of different textures.

Fish scales, shakes and Dutch lap are just some of the style varieties you can choose from. You can also have the vinyl designed to resemble wood grain or painted in a color of your choice. The general idea is that vinyl siding can pretty much be designed to suit your personal style needs, whatever they may be.

Bad For The Environment

Some homeowners stay away from vinyl siding because of the myth that it is bad for the environment. There is this idea that during the vinyl's manufacturing process, large amounts of toxic gases, such as dioxin, are generated.

Dioxin is a toxic gas typically generated by wood burning fireplaces, and in large amounts it can be harmful to both humans and the environment. However, when compared to other forms of exterior cladding, vinyl emits a smaller amount of dioxin into the atmosphere, actually making it a better option for the environment.

Doesn't Last Long

There is also the idea that the low cost of vinyl siding is an indication that it will also have a short life. If your siding is installed properly, it can do a great job standing up to issues like moisture and extreme cold or heat. Vinyl also does a great job staying intact during periods of high winds.

Best off all, achieving these benefits doesn't require any additional maintenance on your part. Aside from an occasional wash to keep the vinyl clean, you don't have to do anything to make your vinyl last.

A siding expert can assist you with installation of vinyl siding on your home. Given the many benefits of vinyl, not only will you have a siding option that looks great, but you will also have a solution that last a considerable length of time. Talk to a siding company, like Berkeley Exteriors, to learn more about your siding choices.


24 June 2015

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