Hand Railings Can Be Elegant Too - Restoring A Staircase's Old Look With New Functionality


If you are remodeling an older home with staircases, don't forget to upgrade the hand railing for safety in your home. You don't want to have someone slip and fall just because you didn't upgrade this important safety feature. Here are three ways to restore your staircase hand rails so that they can be beautiful as well as functional.

1. Keep Classic Look With Restoration

If you are trying your best to keep all original woodwork and decor within an older home, there may be charming hand railings that adorn a staircase. It is important to bring in a restoration specialist to check these out to ensure they are still sturdy and can still do their job. Work with a home restoration expert that can either add in stabilizing aspects or remove the railing to retrofit and then reinstall. If railings have good bones, you should be able to sand down and varnish these or add a fresh coat of paint for an updated look.

2. Source a Classic Look With New Hand Railings

If original hand railings lining your stairwell have seen better days, you might have to replace these. Don't be too upset about this; you should be able to source a classic look that will still fit in with the rest of your home. Find a restoration expert that specializes in old homes that can take a look at your needs. They can help you find a contemporary hand railing that will still provide a classic, older look.

3. Upgrading the Safety of Current Railings

Sometimes the railing that comes with your home just isn't enough. You may need to make this taller by adding additional metal or woodwork to the top. If you would like to keep the older look that came with the home but make this more secure, additional screws and securing can be added to a current railing. If there is only one hand railing installed in your stairwell, you may want to add in an additional railing on the other side to help with navigation up and down stairs. A restoration expert or Weld Pro can help you match up a look with the existing railing or find an upgrade for both.

Stairwells can be a thing of beauty, but you also need to make sure that this is functional and safe for your family. When remodeling an older home, you can still keep the classic look of a stairwell while at the same time upgrading hand railings.


30 June 2015

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