What You Should Know About Lead Paint In Your House


Did you purchase an old house that has peeling paint on the walls? It is a good idea to hire a professional to inspect the paint for lead, especially if there are children living in the house with you. It is important to invest in lead abatement in a timely manner if it is found in the paint because it could pose a health risk. Take a look for more insight about the health risks of lead paint and getting it removed.

What Makes Lead Paint a Health Hazard?

Lead paint is a health hazard if it makes it inside of the body. Peeling lead paint is the most hazardous, especially if there is a young child around that has a habit of putting things inside of his or her mouth. If your child consumes enough lead, he or she can experience behavior, hearing and learning problems. Lead exposure can also lead to your child suffering from brain damage, which is what can cause many of the other symptoms. Adults can also suffer from symptoms, which might include anemia, infertility, high blood pressure and problems with concentration.

How Can Peeling Paint Get Tested for Lead?

You will need to hire a paint abatement specialist to inspect the paint in your house for lead. He or she will also inspect any paint that is on the exterior of the house. During the inspection, the specialist will also determine which areas of your house have peeling paint because it is the biggest concern. Testing can be done by using a portable device for a technique known as x-ray fluorescence, which does not involve paint having to be removed. The only instance in which small portions of paint will have to be removed is if the x-ray fluorescence test is inconclusive and further testing must be done in a laboratory.

Why Should Lead Paint Be Professionally Removed?

A professional lead abatement specialist should be hired because he or she will know how to stay safe during the process, such as by wearing a respirator. Clothing that is worn during the process will also be properly discarded of. A professional will also know how to seal off the areas of your home that are being treated to prevent dust that contains lead from spreading all over the place. The treated areas of your house will also be thoroughly cleaned when treatment is complete. Make an appointment with a lead abatement specialist as soon as you can. Visit http://www.colfaxcorp.net for more information.


1 May 2016

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