Budget Bathroom Fixes: Getting The Updated Look With The Updated Price Tag


If you've moved into an older home that has dated or damaged finishes in the bathroom, you might be wishing there was a way to modernize your bathroom without having to spend the money on new tile, new fixtures, and new cabinets. Here are some things you can try that can really make a difference.

1. Refinish existing tile.

If your bathroom tile is in great shape but is just ugly, you can actually have the tile refinished. This is much less costly that replacing your tile, and when you do it professionally, it can provide several years of beauty before the tile will actually need to be replaced. Usually, the tiles are cleaned first. Any poor or damaged grout lines are filled and sealed. Then, the tiles are covered with an epoxy base that adheres to the old tile finish. Then, a special paint is applied to the epoxy in the new color you want. The paint covers both the tile and the grout. Finally, the new finish is sealed, and your old tiles will be transformed. For longevity, it's best to choose a color that will not go out of style, like white, black, or grey. Refinished tile is best for showers and walls. Floor tiles don't refinish as easily or last as long.  For more information, contact Superior Glazing or a similar company.

2. Update the lighting.

Light fixtures are one of the main things in a bathroom that can look dated. For example, vanity lighting with the globe bulbs from the late 1980s makes a bathroom hot and over-bright. Fortunately, dated fixtures are simple to replace. For a more subdued and modern look, try finding fixtures with brushed nickel and frosted glass that can add some interest to the wall.

3. Reglaze the tub and sink.

If part of the problem is that your ceramic tub and sink are both stained, chipped, or rusty, you can easily bring them back to life again by having them refinished. Refinishing brings new life to old fixtures at only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new tub or a new sink. Plus, if your tub is a vintage feature, it helps you to keep the charming integrity of the bathroom by keeping the same fixtures and making them "new" again. 

4. Add some interest to the walls.

If you don't have tile on the wall, you can cover boring wallpaper or make things look more expensive by finishing the wall with bead board wainscoting or a faux-brick half wall. Adding texture to the wall helps to bring a modern focal point that can draw the eyes away from things like sea-shell shaped sinks or dated cabinetry. 


11 July 2016

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