Recently Purchased A Home In An Earthquake-Prone Area? Tips For You


If you have recently moved into an area of the country that is prone to earthquakes, the prospect of dealing with the ground moving and rumbling beneath you can be quite frightening and unnerving. And if you have purchased a house, you are likely wondering what you can do to prepare yourself and your home for the inevitability of an earthquake occurring while you live there. In order to ensure that you are ready when the earth starts rocking and rolling, get to know some of the different ways to prepare your home. The sooner you get started, the more likely you will be ready for your first quake.

Consider Seismic Retrofitting If Your Home Is Older

In recent years, scientists, engineers, and architects have learned more and more about earthquakes and the ways in which they affect man-made structures. Because of this, newer homes and buildings are built to withstand earthquakes with little to no damage to the structure.

Older homes may not be built as well in terms of earthquake damage and stability. This is where seismic retrofitting comes in. Seismic retrofitting is designed to keep your home itself from separating from its foundation when an earthquake hits.

The process works to essentially better bolt the home to the foundation to prevent sliding, tipping, or the like and giving the whole structure more strength and durability. If you want your older home to be able to survive a major earthquake without sustaining devastating structural damage, seismic retrofitting is a necessary step to take as soon as possible.

Install Latches On All Cupboards And Cabinets

No matter how well your home is built and retrofitted, everything is going to shake and move when an earthquake hits. As such, it is important to secure your cupboards and cabinets as much as possible. You do not want the doors to fly open during an earthquake throwing all of your items out across the room and onto the floor. 

Installing latches on your cupboards and cabinets can help to prevent that from happening. While the latches will not prevent dishes in the kitchen cabinets from breaking or moving within the cabinets, it will prevent the cabinets themselves from opening during the quake. This improves your safety and can prevent injuries from broken items on the floor or from hitting you as they fall out of the cabinets.

These tips will help you to better prepare your home for an earthquake so that if and when it does happen, your home will fare as well as possible.


27 February 2017

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