Here's What To Ask Your Dealer Before Buying A New Vacuum From Them


There are more things to consider than just the type of vacuum you want to invest in from your local dealer. Here are just a few important questions you should ask your dealer before buying your new vacuum cleaner.

What Types of Repair Services Do You Offer?

It's important to find out what kind of repair facility your vacuum dealer maintains so you know whether you can count on them to fix any problems that may develop as your new vacuum ages. And you should know ahead of time whether you can rely on your dealer to properly maintain your vacuum for you as time goes on. Does your dealer have a full-service repair center, or can they handle only the basic maintenance tasks and repairs for you?

If your service provider can't provide you with full-service maintenance and repair options, you will have to find a third-party provider to do it which can be both time and money consuming. So make sure that once your vacuum is purchased, you can keep taking it back to the dealer for any part replacements, cleanings, or repairs that you may need in the future.

What Kinds of Warranties Are Honored?

It is also a good idea to make sure that you understand what kinds of warranties your dealer is willing to honor in the future. Your dealer should accept any manufacturer's warranty that comes with the vacuum you decide to invest in. But if you choose to purchase an extended warranty, it may or may not be honored by the dealer. So find out beforehand what kinds of warranties you can use with your dealer to ensure that you choose the right warranty options when making your vacuum purchase.

Do You Have a Trade-In Program?

While you can expect to enjoy your new vacuum for many years, there may come a time in the future when you want to buy an even newer vacuum with the more advanced features. So take the time to ask your dealer whether they have a trade-in program when you purchase your initial vacuum. If such a program is offered, you will be able to trade your vacuum in for a discount toward the purchase of a new one. And if a trade-in program isn't available, at least you will know ahead of time so you can keep the information in mind when deciding whether to upgrade your vacuum in the future.

Schedule an appointment with your local vacuum cleaner dealer today to learn more about the vacuum options that are available to you and to have your questions and concerns addressed.


23 October 2018

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