Eliminating Smoke Damage In Carpet Requires Quick And Effective Treatment


Any time you have water, fire, or smoke damage to your home, your carpets are in danger of being destroyed. However, in some cases, it might be possible to restore carpet that is only damaged by smoke. The process involves working with a professional restoration company to clean the carpet and get rid of odors. Here's what the process entails.

Assess The Damage

The first step is to determine if the carpet can be saved. If heat from the fire or the fire itself was in close contact with the fibers, then the damage may be too severe to save the carpet. Another problem that may arise is mold on the carpet. If the carpet is wet and there was a delay between the fire and bringing in the restoration crew, then there may be too much mold and water damage to try and save the carpet.

Dry Out The Space

The next step in restoring your home after a fire is to dry it out. If the fire was in a different room than the carpet, then water from the fire hose may not have saturated the carpet, but it still needs to be completely dry. In addition, the room itself should be dry and aired out so humidity and dampness are under control or the carpet may stay damp and grow mold. Water can be extracted from the carpet and drying fans put in place. The moisture in the carpet and humidity in the room can be tested with meters, and when the space is dry enough work can begin on restoring the carpet.

Restore The Carpet

Restoring the carpet is a matter of cleaning off soot and other debris on the carpet. It may also be necessary to treat the carpet to kill mold spores. Also, the fibers should be washed to remove acidic residue left behind from the smoke. Even if the carpet is far from the fire, it can still have smoke damage since smoke finds its way into every room of the house. Once the carpet has been cleaned and treated with chemicals that neutralize acids and kill mold and bacteria if necessary, then the odor has to be dealt with. A restoration company has products that neutralize smoke odor and these need to be used throughout the house. Air scrubbers can eliminate smoke odor from the air and an odor neutralizer can be applied to the carpet fibers. The smoke odor also has to be removed from the walls in the room so the carpet doesn't reabsorb the odor.

Getting rid of smoke damage is a big job and can be just as much work as cleaning up water damage or fire damage. Unfortunately, when you have a fire, your home usually ends up with all three types of damage. Quick action is important or the damage escalates to include mold growth and damage from acidic soot and smoke that lingers on fibers. Hiring a professional restoration company, like Willamette Restoration Services, Inc, to bring in the proper equipment and a crew is the best way to save your carpet if possible and get your home back in order.


22 November 2018

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