What You Should Know About Lead Paint In Your House


Did you purchase an old house that has peeling paint on the walls? It is a good idea to hire a professional to inspect the paint for lead, especially if there are children living in the house with you. It is important to invest in lead abatement in a timely manner if it is found in the paint because it could pose a health risk. Take a look for more insight about the health risks of lead paint and getting it removed.

1 May 2016

3 Strategies You Can Use To Prevent A Wet Basement


A wet basement can ruin walls and floors if not cleaned up quickly. The wetness also poses a health risk for you and your family as it encourages mold to grow. Water can get into your basement through many different sources, such as from your gutters and drain lines. Keep reading to learn three strategies that will keep water out of your basement. Install a French Drain Installing a French drain will keep water out of your basement.

26 April 2016

How To Clean Walls After A Fire


If you recently experienced a fire in your home, you probably have quite a bit of smoke and soot on your walls. It is important that you clean them soon so those stains don't set in, making it even harder to remove them. These tips will help you to clean the walls after a fire. Reduce the Smoke Odour After you have a fire in your home, you should start by getting rid of the odour.

28 March 2016

Salvaging A Flooded Basement


If you have just had an incident occur where water is leaking into your home or place of business, hiring a water damage specialist will be necessary to minimize the risk of damage your structure obtains. Many people are not sure what they should do when they see water pouring into their basement area. Here are some tips to use when dealing with a situation where water damage can become a problem.

3 March 2016

Stripping Your Cabinets – It Can Be Done Yourself


Stripping paint to refinish the cabinets in your kitchen can be a lot of work, but oftentimes, it is time well spent. Before you apply that first coat of paint stripper, take a few minutes to read through the tips below and you will reduce the time and effort that goes into this big project. Purchase the Right Materials Before you begin, make sure that you have everything you will need to get the job done right the first time around.

18 February 2016

Three Basic Steps For Successful Water Damage Repair


Water damage in your home is something that can be highly frustrating, as well as dangerous to your health. This is because standing water, especially dirty water from the toilet or other plumbing fixture, will lead to heavy moisture buildup, which then leads to mold and mildew growth. Your family should not be breathing these things in, which is why immediate action is important when your home has suffered from any type of water damage.

9 February 2016

Tips For Flooded Basement Cleanup And Prevention


Having to deal with a flooded basement can be a real nightmare. The flood water can not only damage your property but also destroy your basement floor and walls or even cause the flooded area to be damp and moldy. The best defense against a wet basement is a functional drainage system around your foundation walls that diverts water away from your home. You should also consult a water damage restoration expert about the installation of a sump pump to control water flow into the basement area and have your foundation walls sealed.

6 January 2016